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August 2016 Meeting

As usual, August is our Quiz and Games event so lots of fun on offer for our meeting on Wednesday, 17 August. We are also hosting our Curry Evening and all profits from this enterprise will go to the Saving Denman Appeal.  Not eating does not preclude you from the meeting – the more the merrier!  A soft drink will be available but if you would prefer an alcoholic beverage do not hesitate to bring your own.

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July 2016 Meeting

On Wednesday 20 July we held a crafts night revolving around hedgehogs.  We each made our own individual hedgehog from folding the pages of an old book, had fun in a whirlwind game of “hedgehog drive” and partook of a few hedgehog themed cakes!

Hedgehog crafts     Hedgehog cakes

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June 2016 Meeting

On 15 June 2016 we moved location to Radley College for ‘Wildlife Up Close’.  After an entertaining talk about the sixth formers’ conservation trip to Honduras, we were shown around the biology department by the head of biology Michael Noone.  He arrived with a boa constrictor wrapped round his neck and proceeded to tell us some intriguing tales about the history of the department whilst introducing us to a variety of live animals kept  in the lab including scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, geckos and a rather cute hedgehog.  It was an inspired night out which everyone attending enjoyed immensely.

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May 2016 Meeting

Tori Tattersall joined us on Wednesday 18 May for a Transform with Colour workshop where we were educated on what colours to wear and what not to wear.

It was a really fun evening, thank you to all the volunteers. We enjoyed experimenting with colour palettes and seeing what suited each other and Tori expertly guided us through the process.

Colour Workshop 4 Colour Workshop 3 Colour Workshop 2 Colour Workshop 1

In addition we discussed and voted on the resolutions to be tabled at the NFWI annual meeting.


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April 2016 Meeting

On Wednesday 20 April, we were joined by Meg Parkes who spoke to us on the Artwork of the British Far Eastern Prisoners of War.  Meg’s research into this subject has a personal connection as her father was himself a Japanese prisoner of war. Meg has spoken at our meetings in the past and once more the audience were truly captivated by her inspirational work.

In celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday the following day, we encouraged members to dress in red, white and blue, decorated the hall in bunting and had a table full of memorabilia from the Queen’s life and reign.  In addition, we toasted the Queen with homemade non alcoholic Pimms and our talented committee member Gill made a fabulous celebratory cake which we all enjoyed with our tea.

Queens 90th May 2016 #3

Queens 90th May 2016 #2

Queens 90th May 2016 #1

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March 2016 Meeting

Following on from the business of our Annual Meeting and the election of the new committee, we held a Self-Defence Workshop on Wednesday 16 March.  Laura and Bev demonstrated a variety of moves and positions and gave us an opportunity to join in and we all came away with a few simple moves that would, hopefully, put a potential attacker on the back foot.


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February 2016 Meeting

Paul Austin Sargent joined us on Wednesday 17 February 2016 for a fascinating talk about Dinosaurs of Oxfordshire.  Oxfordshire is a treasure trove of dinosaur fossils.  The first dinosaur known to science was discovered in Oxfordshire and described by Oxford academic, William Buckland, before the word ‘dinosaur’ had even been coined.  Four species are particularly associated with the county: Cetiosaurus oxoniensis, Cumnoria prestwichii, Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis and Megalosaurus bucklandii (illustrated below).  To find out more please go to

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January 2016 Meeting

We kicked off the year on Wednesday 20 January 2016 with a mosaics workshop with Marcella Connolly from Pottering About.  It was a fun, social, hands-on evening and everyone was pleased with their individual tiles.


We wish all our members and readers a very happy New Year.

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December 2015 – Merry Christmas!

We were so pleased to see record numbers of you at our Christmas meal to mark the end of 2015 which was held at the Ock Mill restaurant in Abingdon on Wednesday 16 December 2015.

We wish all our members and readers a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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November 2015 Meeting

On Wednesday 18 November we were entertained by members of the Abingdon Scottish Country Dance Club who led us through a number of routines.  A night of fun and laughter!

Country Dancing 2

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