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March 2017 Meeting

We will hold a flower craft workshop on Wednesday 15 March led by our fabulous committee member Gill.

We will also be holding our AGM so please let us know if you are interested in joining the committee.

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February 2017 Meeting

On Wednesday, 15 February, Liz Woolley stepped in at the last minute with an enthralling talk entitled Beer, Sausages & Marmalade: Oxford food and drink in the 19th Century. The talk examined the fascinating relationship between food production, tourism and politics in the City and included many landmarks in and around Oxford.

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January 2017 Meeting

Happy New Year!

We were delighted to welcome back Shelley van Loen for another chocolate-making workshop on Wednesday 18 January 2017.  It was a great start to the New Year with record breaking attendance – we had to break out the toddler seats there were so many visitors!  As always, Shelley was very entertaining and we all enjoyed listening and sampling some of her delicious creations.

We wish all our members and readers a very happy New Year.

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December 2016 – Merry Christmas!

Once more, a record number of you joined us at our Christmas meal to mark the end of 2016.  Again this was held at the Ock Mill restaurant in Abingdon on Wednesday 14 December, where we enjoyed wonderful company, lovely food, great service and excellent value for money.

We wish all our members and readers a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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November 2016 Meeting

On Wednesday 16th November, we were joined by Chris Caddy for an entertaining talk on the History of the London Underground.

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October 2016 Meeting

We had a hands-on session at our meeting on Wednesday 19 October when Gill led us on a craft workshop making Christmas gift boxes which you could hang on the Christmas tree.


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September 2016 Meeting

On 21 September 2016 we were joined by Abingdon’s Town Crier, Tony Legge, for an insightful talk into his role and experiences in Abingdon.

We will held our regular fruit and veg raffle with proceeds of £53 going to the Saving Denman Appeal.   Thank you to all who participated.

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August 2016 Meeting

Our annual Quiz and Games event on Wednesday, 17 August was lots of fun and a little different from usual.  Many thanks to Gill for making us all some fantastic curries – all profits from the evening went to the Saving Denman Appeal and we’re please to report that we raised over £120.

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July 2016 Meeting

On Wednesday 20 July we held a crafts night revolving around hedgehogs.  We each made our own individual hedgehog from folding the pages of an old book, had fun in a whirlwind game of “hedgehog drive” and partook of a few hedgehog themed cakes!

Hedgehog crafts     Hedgehog cakes

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June 2016 Meeting

On 15 June 2016 we moved location to Radley College for ‘Wildlife Up Close’.  After an entertaining talk about the sixth formers’ conservation trip to Honduras, we were shown around the biology department by the head of biology Michael Noone.  He arrived with a boa constrictor wrapped round his neck and proceeded to tell us some intriguing tales about the history of the department whilst introducing us to a variety of live animals kept  in the lab including scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, geckos and a rather cute hedgehog.  It was an inspired night out which everyone attending enjoyed immensely.

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